Bringing beauty and personal service through unique and creative seasonal designs.

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With over 23 years experience, A Thing of Beauty is a family owned and operated seasonal floral and design décor business. We offer pre-planted and custom urns and hanging baskets, along with any other seasonal accents you may want to add such as lanterns, wreaths, door swags, hay bales, cornstalks, pumpkins and holiday garland.

Now taking orders for Spring and Summer 2024.

Everyone has a vision for their home or business, more specifically the exterior. For each season colourful planters and seasonal accessories add beauty, colour and a unique look to your home or business’s exterior. That first impression you give a guest or client will be a lasting one, why not make it memorable. How many times have you driven through a neighbourhood or walked up to a business and thought to yourself, “Where did they get those gorgeous, colourful summer planters, how did they create that fall harvest theme, or did they design and build those unique and creative holiday/Christmas arrangements that are the perfect accents themselves?”
That’s where we come in; the team at “A Thing of Beauty” is here to make your life simpler. We will design a look from fun and simple to unique and elegant. We have programs for everyone, from simply ordering pre-made insert arrangements online to be delivered to fill your existing planters to having us come out, design a custom look, plant on premise directly into your planters. Don’t have planters, not to worry, we can find something that you will love and will suit your exterior. We can even create an entire seasonal themed design for your home or business. All this can be done seasonally, so there’s always a fresh outdoor look for each passing season.

Bringing beauty and creative seasonal designs, year-round.

Our Customer Photos

We are pleased to share with you, photos that our customers have shared with us. We would love to see your plants and florals, too! Send your photos of hanging baskets, planters, window boxes, bouquets and seasonal decor purchased through us to

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.
– John Keats

Visit our ABOUT page and meet Del Clarkson, owner and creative director at A Thing of Beauty.